Pacstudios, Roma IL PAC va a Goteborg per realizzare una nuova Coreografia per L’opera di Goteborg sotto la direzione di Adolphe Binder.


This year’s youth/dance project is based on GöteborgsOperans Danskompanis theme Mind & Spirit.

Choreographers Andrea Palombi och Sara Lourenc will develop the theme together with students from Balettakademin (The Ballet Academy), students which have recently completed their dance education, and dancers from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.

Andrea and Sara have worked on similar projects with young people, all over Europe.

Our starting point will be social evolution and the digitalised world which young people inhabit and feel competent in. Young people communicate via different online media, and have even developed new languages adapted to these virtual worlds. The development process will involve the choreographers, dancers and students exploring the mental, physical and emotional effects of living in such worlds.